The complete documentation, translated and legalized, must be issued by the authorities competent for that territory in the year in which you submit your application. It must indicate both the incomes of the previous year and the assets as of 31st December of the previous year.
For each academic year for which you apply, you must get from the competent authority the necessary documentation, even if there were no changes with regards to that submitted for the previous year. Therefore, every year you must submit the new documentation.

You must submit the documentation to ER.GO using your Dossier Utente only, by uploading it in the Corrispondenza e Protocollo > Invia documentazione > Documentazione redditi esteri section, by the deadlines established for finalizing the application.

What do you have to do?

Get the documents

You must obtain by the public administration competent for the territory in the country of origin the documentation in the original language required by the competition announcement.

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Legalize the documents

You must legalize (or apostille, if allowed) the signature of the public official who drafted the documentation, unless your country of origin has entered into international conventions or agreements that make legalization or apostille unnecessary.

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Translate the documents into Italian

You must translate into Italian all the documents.

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Particular situations

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