You must declare and document as prescribed by the Competition announcement all the movable assets and the buildings of each member of your family unit over the age of 18, including siblings, grandparents or other relatives that may be included in your family status certificate.

It is necessary to submit the documentation related to all the buildings registered to the adult members of the family unit.

For each family member you must indicate the square meters of respective possession; remember not to indicate the commercial value of the building because the system autonomously multiplies the square meters indicated by €500.

You must submit a certification of absence of ownership for each of the adult family members even if you have documented that another member of the family unit (e.g. your father) is the owner of buildings (e.g. residential house).

For each member of your household you must therefore prove whether or not he/she has properties.

No, in no case can the tax return replace a deed or a cadastral extract certifying the absence or presence of real estate properties.

No, the documentation related to the real estate assets must be updated as at 31st December of the year before the submission of the application.

The cadastral extract or deed must be issued in the year in which you submit the benefits application and must also refer to the presence or absence of owned properties as of 31st December of the previous year.

No, all the other units of measurement other than square meters must be converted into square meters.

No, you must submit the documentation of the residual loan as at 31st December of the year preceding that of benefits application.

You must submit the documentation issued by the reference banking/financial institutes, with indication of account statements, any securities, dividends, shareholdings, fractions of net assets referred to owned companies.

The documentation relating to movable assets issued by banking institutions and similar is exempt from the legalization of the Italian diplomatic authority competent for the territory, but the obligation remains to have it translated into Italian in compliance with the foreign text and certified by an official translator.

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