What is the regional tax?

The Regional tax is an amount you pay when you enroll for a new academic year. All students who enroll at Universities, Higher Institutes for Art and Music, at the University for Interpreters and Translators in Rimini or at CIELS in Bologna must pay the Regional tax for the right to university study.
The revenue deriving from this tax contributes to the financing of the scholarships paid by ER.GO.

If you are a student eligible for the scholarship, ER.GO will automatically provide for the refund, without the need for an application.

In which cases can you ask for a refund?


If you graduate by the extraordinary session of the current academic year, but you already paid the enrollment fee for the following one.
You can only ask for the refund after graduation.


If you paid twice in the same academic year:
- by mistake, for the same University
- because you changed your study course during the academic year (but you are still enrolled in Emilia-Romagna)
- because you enrolled in two courses (and both of them are located in Emilia-Romagna).


If you didn’t finalize the enrollment at the university course, even if you already paid the enrollment fee.

How can you ask for the refund?

Only in case you are in one of the conditions described above, you can ask for a refund through the specific online form: once filled out, it will be automatically received. At the end of the filling-in procedure you will see a message confirming that the form was correctly received by the office in charge.
The office will check your application and, if admissible, you will get the refund.

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