What is it?

ER.GO provides to students different possibilities of accommodation inside its students’ residences, located throughout the region.

How can you get an accommodation?

If you are a Non Resident student and you meet the requirements set out in the competition announcement, you can apply for ER.GO accommodation by ticking the corresponding item in the form Benefici a concorso.







Other possibilities of access:

- facilitated access: destined to students because of given agreements made with ER.GO by their study institutes.
- free access: is destined to students and other persons whose activity is related to the academic world. You can book by accessing the Borsino delle offerte section: here you can find available accommodations depending on the free beds inside ER.GO residences. Usually you can only book short term stays, but there can be different availability depending on the time of the year.
Go to Borsino delle offerte by accessing the Vetrina Alloggi. Here you can also find accommodatioon offers provided by private hosts.

When will you know about your application?

After the deadlines for application have expired, we will publish the ranking lists for the different benefits. You can find the publication dates on the dedicated page.

No, a monthly fee is due. The fees vary according to the kind of assigned accommodation: you can find them in the specific section of the competition announcement and in the sheets with the descriptions of the residences available on the website.

No. This just means that you meet the requirement set by the competition announcement.

Students are summoned for the assignment by scrolling the different ranking lists. In some towns the number of eligible students could be higher than that of the available accommodations and not all students will be assigned a place.

In order to book, you must log in to the Borsino delle offerte using University credentials or SPID. The booking is finalized only after that payment of the earnest money corresponding to the first fee.

No. You cannot apply for an accommodation assigned according to the ranking list. You can check availability in the Borsino delle offerte and book on your own.

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