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ERGO welcomes you!

We are very happy that you have chosen to study in Emilia Romagna! Our Region is, since the year dot,  one with the most international students in Italy, and it appeals to many people from all over the world because of its cultural offer and broad academic landscape. 

Ergo is the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education and it works very closely with the Universities to ensure that the needs of students are met.


We provide University students with a variety of services, including financial assistance, residential accommodations, dining facilities, counseling and support, job and careers guidance……

We avoided to translate the Er.Go  Benefits Announcements  wholly, as they are too technical and complex, while the abstract Guide is completely translated into English, so that you can find there all information you need.


We are here to help! The web pages will give you the necessary details to successfully choose your course of study in Emilia Romagna


In fact,  studying in Emilia Romagna as an international student is surely very exciting, but the task of finding and organizing all of the necessary information can be also very exhausting. 

Should you ever need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us


We have Information desks, where you can get general information on all  Ergo services and help with your questions. 

See also our GUIDE

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