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How to apply

The documentation required from international students from countries outside the European Union


You can apply for ER.GO benefits only online on the website, alternatively you can contact the CAF offices (Tax Assistance Centers) that have an arrangement with ER.GO (a complete list is available at the following link ).

For information about the translation and legalization  procedures of foreign documents, please look up the Foreign Office website.

The student's documents must be provided together with a valid residence permit copy and a passport or identity card copy, or with  any other valid identification document. In any case, documents must attest the following:

a) the composition of your family: a certificate attesting the family membership and its composition. Particular cases Family composition certificate with only one-parent:   

-   in case of divorce: it is required the divorce decree or a document of the court, if the separation is currently underway;      

-   in case of death of both parents: it is needed a death certificate, if it has not been already provided to Er. Go in the previous academic years;  

-     in case the student has not been legally recognized by his/her father (lack of acknowledgement of paternity): it is necessary the student's birth certificate;    

-   in case one parent is untraceable: it is required a certificate in which the competent authorities declare that  the parent cannot be found;    

-   in case of a guardian in the student's family status certificate: it is necessary to provide the guardian's  deed of appointment  issued by the competent authorities.

- Student orphan of both parents: it is needed the death certificate of both parents,  if it has not been already provided to Er. Go in the previous academic years;

- Married siblings of age included in the family status certificate: it is required the marriage certificate or it must be specified the sibling's civil status in the family status certificate;

- Siblings of age included in the family status certificate, but not cohabiting in the family of origin: it is necessary to provide a permanent residence certificate of the not-cohabitant sibling or it can be specified in the certificate of the family composition.   

b) the working activity practised in 2021 by each  member of legal age in the family unit, siblings of age included. In case that some family members do not practise any working activity, the status of not-working or unemployment must be declared in the documents together with the amount of the unemployment compensation or similar, if received;    

c) the period in which the working activity has been practised  by each member of the family unit (stating if it is a less or more than 6-months-period during the year 2021);  

d) the income value earned in 2021: a certificate issued by a Public Administration, competent in fiscal management,  attesting the complete gross incomes (taxes included) received for work or pension by each individual member of legal age in the family unit during the income year 2021.

Particular cases:If you do not have any of the above mentioned certificates, you can provide one of the following documents:  

  • certificate issued by employer attesting the salary received during the income year 2021 (from January to December), tax included;   

• Last payslip (December 2020), where it is stated also the whole income for the year 2021;  

  • all the 12 monthly payslips attesting the income earned in 2021, if in the last payslip it is not  specified the annual income

e)  Buildings: a certification of all the buildings owned by each member of the family unit, referring  to 31st December 2021, attesting the  building surface area in square meters.

Specifically:Family home, if it is owned: it is required the certificate of ownership, attesting the  building surface area. In  all other cases, (lease, free use agreement, etc…), it is necessary to attach a specific statement, issued by the competent authority, attesting that no member of the family unit owns any real estate.

Other buildings: it is required to provide the specific certificates of ownership.  

 f) the amount of any residual mortgage at 31/12/2021 on the family home and/or other buildings.   

 g) the amount of each other assets, owned by each family member at 31/12/2021;  

 h)  a document certifying the student's invalidity or disability. All  income and assets local values must be expressed in Euro according to the average exchange rate of the year 2021, as provided for by the institutional and regulatory framework.


For further information, see our Guide

For all the deadlines see BENEFITS DEADLINES A.Y. 2022/2023


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