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How to apply

You can apply for ER.GO benefits only online on the website, alternatively you can contact the CAF offices (Tax Assistance Centers) that have an arrangement with ER.GO (a complete list is available at the following link ).

Here is the list of the documents required to apply to ER.GO benefits: 

  • A Family Status Declaration.
  • Gross income of each family member in legal age.  If any does not have an income, an unemployment declaration is needed.
  • Floor area of the family home and of any other family owned building. If your family does not have any property, you must present a document issued by the competent authority in your country certifying that no one in the family has a real estate.
  • The amount of the eventual residual bank loan on the family home and/or other properties.
  • The assets amount for each family member in legal age. 
  • Eventually a document certifying the student's invalidity or disability

Incomes, properties, assets and the amount of the residual bank loan must be referred to the year prior to the application (2018).


Documents must be issued by the competent foreign Authority and translated into Italian, than legalized at the Italian Consulate/Embassy in your Country or apostilled by the competent Authority in your Country (Apostille is a stamp affixed on the original document issued by the competent Authority of the Countries concerned).


For further information about translation and legalization of foreign documents, look up in the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following link: 



For further information, see our Guide

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