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studying in parma

The city and surrounding area

Parma is a very pleasant city to live in, with an excellent quality of life, and it is easy to get around by bicycle.
Its rich artistic, cultural and food and wine traditions make Parma a welcoming and people-oriented city.
Parma has been the site of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) since 2003.

Municipality of Parma
Province of Parma

Educational facilities

The University of Parma consists of 12 faculties and of the Music Academy “Arrigo Boito”, founded in 1877, offering higher first cycle degree (three year) programmes, second cycle degree (two year) programmes and traditional courses.

The higher educational facilities include the European College of Parma, an institute that teaches young graduates from European countries and Non-European countries about the European integration process and community policies through advanced Diplomas and Master’s degrees.

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